The Elephant's Trunk Nebula -- vdb142
            Click on image to enlarge
Takahashi FSQ 106
CFW8 with standard RGB
    plus Astrodon 6nm Ha


    Ha = 15 min x 40
    R  =  10 min x 10
    G  =  10 min x 10
    B  =  10 min x 14

Processed with CCDsoft,
Registar, Neat Image,
and Adobe PS.

Diffraction spikes added
with Noel Carboni's
Photoshop Tools

The Elephant's Trunk
Nebula in Cepheus is a
dark nebula, and is visible
due to the glow from the
much larger emission
nebula behind it -- IC1396.
This image only shows a
small portion of IC1396.
The "vdb" designation
refers to the van den Berg
catalogue of reflection
nebula -- there is a small
patch of
visible in this
image, near the elephant's
"eye" -- click to enlarge the
image and see if you can
find it.