There's certainly no
shortage of great images
from this famous region of
sky, but few encompass as
wide a field as is displayed
here. Thanks to the mosaic
technique, the wide field is
not obtained at the expense
of lost resolution. Orion's
belt (the 3 bright blue stars
diagonally crossing the left
side of the image) is
instantly recognizable to
anyone with even a
marginal familiarity with the
night sky, but the usual
orientation is 90 degrees
clockwise to that shown
here. Note the relationship
of the
Horsehead region to
the lower belt star, Alnitak
(Zeta Orionis).
The Orion Belt & Sword Region
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Takahashi FSQ @ f/5

4 Frame Mosaic
HaLRGB (per frame):

L=     5 min X 9
R=    5 min X 5
G=    5 min X 5
B=    5 min X 5
Ha=  30 min X 10

RGB data acquired by
Jim Misti at his Arizona
observatory; Ha data
acquired by Steve Mazlin
from Pennsylvania.

Image processing by Steve
Mazlin. The area of  M42 &
NGC1977 was further
enhanced by layering in
data from
prior images,
inlcuding Ha data
If you would like to try to process this image yourself, the raw data  
                  is available for download by clicking