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OGS 12.5" RC @ f/9
Astrodon 6nm Ha

2 panel mosaic

Each frame 0.1 sec x 5

Processed with CCDsoft,
Neat Image, and Adobe
 False (yellow)
coloration was added for
aesthetic purposes.
Who doesn't awe at the
sight of the full moon,
regardless of how often it is
seen? At 240,000 miles
away, it is certainly the
closest and brightest object
imaged for this website. In
fact, the extreme brightness
required the use of a special
(hydrogen alpha) filter -- this
is the same filter used in
many other images to
highlight the red glow of
hydrogen from emission
nebulas. This frequency is
also contained in the sun's
spectrum, and thus, can be
used to image the full moon
(which obviously shines due
to reflected sunlight.)