This region in the constellation
Monoceros contains several
interesting features. The cone
nebula at the bottom left is a
"dark nebula", a region of gas
& dust obscuring our vision of
what's behind it, but it is
outlined by a large area of
glowing hydrogen gas. The
blue region towards the center
represents the reflection of
starlight off dust particles. The
foxfur nebula is a variegated
area to the right of the blue
region -- it's easily visible on
the enlarged image. When
viewed upside down, the area
between the cone and foxfur
region resembles a Christmas
tree.  The stars in the "tree" are
part of the open cluster, NGC
Takahashi FSQ106
CFW8 with standard
RGB filters plus
Astrodon 6nm Ha


Ha = 20 min x 35, 1x1
R   = 10 min x 10, 1x1
G   = 10 min x 10, 1x1
B   = 10 min x 10, 1x1

Processed with CCDsoft,
Registar, Neat Image,
and Adobe PS.
The Cone/Foxfur Nebulas, the Christmas Tree Cluster, & NGC2264
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