The Veil Nebula is a remnant of a
supernova that exploded some
5000 years ago -- it lies in the
constellation Cygnus, and is about
1400 lightyears away. Shown here
is the brighter eastern portion of
the Veil, designated NGC 6992.
Please compare the field of view
with another image of
this region,
taken with the longer focal length
RC scope. Also, please contrast
this image with the western portion
of the supernova remnant, "The
Witch's Broom Nebula, aka
. It is interesting to speculate
what our sky might have looked
like in the hours/days following the
cataclysm -- estimates are that it
appeared as bright as a crescent
Takahashi FSQ 106 @ f/5
CFW8 with standard RGB
plus Astrodon 6 nm Ha


Ha = 15 min x 18, 1x1
R   =  10 min x 8, 1x1
G   =  10 min x 8, 1x1
B   =  10 min x 10, 1x1

Processed with CCDsoft,
Registar, Neat Image, and
Adobe PS
NGC 6992 -- the Veil Nebula
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