OGS 12.5" RC @ f/9
Astrodon Series I filters


Ha= 30 min x 12, 1x1
L  =    5 min x 14, 1x1
R  =  15 min x  3, 1x1
G  =  15 min x  3, 1x1
B  =   15 min x 6, 1x1

Acquired with CCDAP2
and processed with
CCDsoft, Sigma
Combine, Registar,
CCDsharp, Neat Image,
and Adobe Photoshop
M20, the Trifid Nebula, is
located in Sagittarius, and
displays areas of
emission, reflection, and
dark nebulosity within its
borders. It is probably
about 5000 lightyears
distant. M20 is a low
object in my sky, and from
a visual perspective is
completely lost in the light
dome of Philadelphia, 30
miles to my southwest.
      M20, the Trifid Nebula
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