Takahashi FSQ 106 @f/5

Paramount ME
Baader NB Filters

Bicolor i

Ha   =   30 min x 32
, 1x1
OIII  =   30 min x 32
, 1x1


Processed with PixInsight
and Adobe Photoshop

Data acquired Winter
2015 from backyard
observatory in PA
The Rosette Nebula, aka
NGC 2237, is located in
the constellation
Monoceros, spanning a
diameter of 100 lightyears,
and seen at a distance of
5000 lightyears.
The open cluster of stars in
the central portion of the
nebula is known as NGC
2244, and energy from
these stars causes the
surrounding hydrogen (and
oxygen) to glow.  The
so-called stellar winds are
also responsible for
clearing a hole in the
center of the nebula.
The Rosette Nebula & NGC 2244
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