dimmer outer Ha halos while
also dramatically improving
the resolution in the more
central portion of this
planetary nebula. Plus, there
are a plethora of tiny
backround galaxies that can
be seen, including the larger
galaxy, IC1296, on the lower
right. Many of these galaxies
actually show some detail
within, in comparison to how
they appeared in the older

Full image credits are as
follows: Juan Fabregat
(OAUV), Vicent Peris
(OAUV), Gilles Bergond
The Ring Nebula is
presented with all of the
data from the
earlier version,
plus the addition of data
obtained at
Calar Alto
Observatory in Spain. The
1.23m scope was used to
obtain 3 hours of Ha and 3
hours of OIII data. The 3.5m
scope was used to obtain 12
minutes/channel BVR data.

Jack Harvey and I
processed the data to obtain
the result you see here.

In comparison to the earlier
version (mouseover), this
image improves on the
visibility of the progressively  
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