Start with a big hole in
the ground, and add 1
long metal pipe...
Pour 5 cubic feet of
, let harden,
nd pray that pier is
Hire a local contractor, but
don't even try to explain what
you're actually trying to
Take a break to enjoy your
"patio with pipe"  -- w
hen you
move, j
ust call it an "oversized
backyard sundial"
Start assembling the dome,
preferably with the help of
your wife and a good friend
Dr. Scott demonstrates the proper
technique for drilling through
It's Miller time -- the Prodome 10 is
basically complete -- only one thing left
to do...
Be the first in your neighborhood
to host a "dome dedication party" -- NOTE,
this does not prevent future lawsuits
from your homeowner's association
It's only fitting to invite the dome's
Papa and Mama -- the founders of
Technical Innovations -- John and
Meg Menke -- congratulations to
them for designing and fabricating
this enclosure, going strong since
Have lots of cake and coke on
hand, and name the observatory
in honor of your parents
Strike a final pose for posterity,
             July 25, 1998
...or how to convince your wife you're totally insane and make enemies
                                                     with the neighbors in 1 easy lesson