RCOS 16" RC @f/8.4
Astrodon LRGB Series I

L= 15min x  34,  1x1
R= 15 min x 10, 1x1
G= 15 min x 10, 1x1
B= 15 min x 14, 1x1

Processed with
CCDsoft, Registar,
Sigma Combine, Neat
Image, & Adobe PS
A lovely reflection
nebula in Cepheus,
NGC 7129 also contains
many young stars (which
provide the illumination
for the reflective dust),
and also examples of  
Herbig-Haro objects --
these crescent-shaped
areas of red nebulosity
arise when gas, ejected
by the young stars,
collides with nearby
interstellar gas and dust.
HH objects are typically
seen along the rotational
axis of the star, and are
a relatively brief cosmic
light show; that is, they
only last a few thousand
   NGC 7129 in Cepheus
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