NGC 4945 is an infrequently
photographed southern
galaxy in Centaurus. It has a
very energetic nucleus that
probably is home to a
massive black hole. This
galaxy's nucleus is also the
second brightest infared
source in the southern
hemisphere, right after the
Magellanic clouds. It is about
12 million lightyears distant.
Jack Harvey and I processed
the 34 hours of  raw data, and
we feel this is the best
amateur image of NGC 4945
in exisitence, partly because
the seeing conditions were
so spectacular during data
acquisition -- average FWHM
on the 15 minute integrations
(before deconvolution) was
about 1.5"!
16" RCOS @ f/11.3
Apogee U9 imager
SBIG 402 guider
Astrodon Series I LRGB


L=  1
7.5 hours,1x1
R=  5
.5 hours, 1x1
G=  5
.5 hours, 1x1
B=  5
,5 hours, 1x1

Data acquired at

Processed with CCD
and Adobe PS.
                   NGC 4945
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