NGC 4725 -- Click on image to enlarge
RCOS 16" RC @ f/8.4
Astrodon Series I LRGB


L = 15 min x 19, 1x1
R = 15 min x 5,  1x1
G = 15 min x 8,  1x1
B = 15 min x 9,  1x1

Image data acquired
remotely at New Mexico

Processed with
CCDsoft, Registar,
Sigma Combine, Neat
Image, and Adobe PS.

NGC 4725 is a barred
spiral galaxy in the
constellation Coma
Berenices. It is
infrequently imaged by
amateurs, and I'm not
sure why -- it is not that
small, and has beautiful
colors, including the
yellowish glow of older
stars near the center,
and younger bluish stars
in the periphery. In fact,
4725 is a rare type of
spiral galaxy, only
sporting 1 arm (most
spirals have 2 or more.)