NGC 3576 - Statue of Liberty Nebula
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Tak FSQ 106 @ f/5
Paramount ME
SBIG STL 11K imager

Baader SII/Ha/OIII

  = 6 hrs, unbinned
  = 8 hrs, unbinned
 = 6 hrs, unbinned
RGB = 1 hr/channel

Data obtained at CTIO

Processed with
Registar, Neat Image, and
Adobe PS

This image of NGC 3576 in
Carina was processed in
the traditional Hubble
palette, but the surrounding
region also contains RGB
data to better show the
star field.  Please direct
your attention to the
structure within the bubble
region towards the right --
does this not resemble the
Statue of Liberty? A higher
resolution image of this
area can be found