Takahashi FSQ 106 @ f/5
Baader  SII, Ha, & OIII

Data acquired by
SSRO-South @ CTIO, Chile

SII-Ha-OIII image, with:
 7.5 hrs. SII
 12.5 hrs. Ha
 8.0 hrs. OIII

Processed with CCD
Inspector, CCDsoft, Registar,
Sigma Combine, Neat Image,
and Adobe PS
The Eta Carina Nebula is one
of the largest diffuse nebula
visible from earth, 4X bigger
than the great Orion Nebula,
but much less well known,
given its southern hemisphere
location. The so-called
Keyhole Nebula is visible
towards the center, as is Eta
Carina itself, a star which
briefly became the 2nd
brightest in our skies, after a
huge outburst in 1841.
Contrast this image of the
nebula with the RGB version,
visible with a mouseover.
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