NGC 2442-- Galaxy in Volans
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16" RCOS @ f/11.3
Astrodon LRGB filters


L = 10 minutes x 14, 1x1
R=  15 minutes x  4, 1x1
G=  15 minutes x  4, 1x1
B=  15 minutes x  4, 1x1

Data acquisition by Jack
Harvey, Rick Gilbert, &
Steve Mazlin; processing
by Steve Mazlin

Processed with CCDsoft,
CCD Inspector, CCD
Sharp, Registar, Sigma
Combine, Neat Image, and
Adobe PS
I joined the SSRO-South team
in January 2008 and this is the
first image I have completed.
SSRO-South uses equipment at
CTIO in Chile (remotely
controlled over the internet) as
part of an arrangement with the
physics department at UNC
Chapel Hill (where all team
members have been granted
"visiting scholar" status for
2008.) In case it is not
intuitively obvious, the southern
location gives me access to a
part of the sky not visible from
the states. My partners in
SSRO-South include Jack
Harvey, Rick Gilbert, and
Daniel Verschatse. The camera
used for this image is actually
my old ST10 (that takes credit
for many other images on this
site!) -- I hope to visit CTIO in
November 2008 (and be
reunited with my old friend.)