The Owl Nebula is
presented with all of the
data from the
version, plus the addition of
data obtained at
Calar Alto
Observatory in Spain. The
1.23m, 2.2m, and 3.5m
scopes were used to obtain
narrowband data,
subsequently processed by
Jack Harvey and myself.

The additional credits are
as follows:

Juan Fabregat (OAUV),
Vicent Peris (OAUV), Gilles
Bergond (CAHA), DSA,
    The Owl Nebula, M97
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M97 is a small planetary
nebula in Ursa Major.
Often the "common" terms
given to many deep sky
objects are difficult to
fathom, but I think most
viewers will agree that the
"Owl" is a name well suited
to this object. The "eyes" of
the Owl are actually visible
to those peering through a
telescope (8" or larger) in a
dark sky location -- those
living in light polluted areas
may still be able to see this
feature with the aid of a
nebula filter. M97 is
estimated to be 6000 years
old -- a mere baby!