This image was obtained by
combining luminance data from
Pennsylvania with RGB data
from New Mexico as follows:


OGS 12.5" RC @ f/9
Astrodon Lum Series I
Lum 15 min x 36, 1x1


RCOS 16" RC @ f/9
Astrodon RGB Series I
R,G,B 10 min X 12, 2x2

Processed with CCDsoft, Neat
Image, and Adobe PS.
           The Sunflower Galaxy
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The Sunflower Galaxy, aka
M63 or NGC 5055, is one of
the brighter spiral galaxies
visible in the northern sky.  It
lies near
M51, and is thought
to gravitationally interact with
its more famous neighbor.
M63 is estimated to be about
35 million lightyears distant,
and about 60,000 lightyears in
diameter. The outer stars
rotate the center at high
speeds, suggesting that there
is dark matter present whose
gravity helps to prevent them
from escaping into the inter-
galactic realm.

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