Not all stars end their lives in
the spectacular cataclysm
that is a supernova. In many
stars the end is more
reserved, as the star's outer
layers are blown into space.
The Ring Nebula is an
example of this process. It is
one of many "planetary"
nebula, so named for the
similarity their pale/greenish
discs had to Uranus in the
telescopes of the 18th
OGS 10" RC @ f/9
L= 2 min x 21, 1x1
R= 5 min x 5, 2x2
G= 5 min x 4, 2x2
B= 5 min x 5, 2x2

Processed with CCDsoft
and Adobe PS
          M57 in Lyra - the Ring Nebula