The Pleiades distinguishes
itself by being the only
object on this website that is
easily visible to the naked
eye, even from an urban
location -- that is to say,
usually the 6 brightest stars
in this open cluster are
visible, but the dim areas of
blue reflection nebulosity
require long exposures to
see. The cluster has about
3000 stars in all, and is
about 400 lightyears distant.
Takahashi FSQ106 @ f/5
Astrodon I Series RGB

R=   20 min x 3, 1x1
G=   20 min x 3, 1x1
B=   20 min x 18, 1x1

Processed with CCDsoft,
Registar, Neat Image, and
Adobe PS.
M45, aka The Pleiades or Seven Sisters
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