RCOS 16" @ f/8.4
Astrodon LRGB + Ha

4 frame mosaic from SSRO
in New Mexico

L  =  2.5-3.0 hrs/ frame, 1x1
R =  2.5-3.0 hrs/frame,
G =  2.5-3.0 hrs/frame,  2x2
B =  2.5-3.0 hrs/frame,  2x2

Ha= 4 hrs, 1x1 from SSRO
Ha =4 hrs, 1x1 taken with
       my FSQ in PA   

Processed with CCDsoft,
CCDInspector, CCDsharp,
Registar, Sigma Combine,
Neat Image, and Adobe PS
M33, aka NGC598,
aka the Pinwheel
Galaxy, is part of the
local group of galaxies
that includes M31. The
Pinwheel covers a lot
of sky, about the size
of 2 full moons, but is
hard to see in amateur
telescopes because of
its low surface
brightness. Note the
large red emission
nebula within the
galaxy at about
o'clock, aka NGC604.
   M33 -- the Pinwheel Galaxy
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