Takahashi FSQ106 @ f/5

The original HaRGB image
(including 5 hours of Ha
data) is viewable with a
mouseover manuever. It
was taken with the ST10
from my observatory in
Bucks County, PA.
Additional LRGB data (a
total of 2 hours) was taken
with the STL11K  by
at his Arizona
observatory. I then
reprocessed everything into
this image.
The large/bright star is Zeta
Orionis, aka Alnitak, the left
lower star in Orion's belt.
Elsewhere on this website
are individual images of the
Horsehead Nebula, and the
Flame Nebula, but I think
this wide field view shows
off the splendor of this
region in a much grander
way...please note the
surrounding bluish
reflection nebulas as well.
Compare this view to the
widefield Orion mosaic.
The Horsehead and Flame Nebula Region
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