RCOS 16" @ f/8.7
strodon Series I Filters


Ha = 30 min x 20, 1x1
R   =  15 min x 4,  1x1
G   =  15 min x 6,  1x1
B   =  15 min x 8,  1x1

Acquired with CCDAP2
at the Star Shadow
Remote Observatory at
New Mexico Skies;
processed with CCDsoft,
Sigma Combine,
CCDsharp, Neat Image,
and Adobe Photoshop
The Dumbbell is a
beautiful example of a
planetary nebula, one
that is easily visible
through the eyepiece,
though the colors
(especially the outer
red shell) are only
appreciated in long
exposure images. The
Dumbbell is located in
Vulpecula. Compare to
M57 and NGC6888.
M27 -- the Dumbbell Nebula
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