OGS 12.5" RC @ f/9
Astrodon LRGB + Ha
Ha= 20 min x 25, 1x1
  L= 10 min x 12, 1x1
  R= 10 min x 8,  2x2
  G= 10 min x 8,  2x2
  B= 10 min x 8,  2x2

Processed with
CCDsoft, Registar, Neat
Image,  and Adobe PS
The Bubble Nebula in
Cassiopeia is perfectly
named, and
is probably
formed from a massive
star's emission of a
stellar wind of ionized

The Mouseover shows 2
stars to the left of the
Bubble in the older image
that are now virtually
absent from view! Are
these variable stars?
                NGC7635 --  the Bubble Nebula
                      Click on image to enlarge
  Mouseover to compare with Bubble from 3 years earlier