Those beginning in this
hobby might mistake the
Helix Nebula for the more
Ring Nebula --
and the confusion would be
forgiven. In fact, both are
planetary nebula, but the
Helix is much larger from
our vantage point, spanning
an area almost as big as the
full moon. It's also much
closer to us, only about 450
lightyears distant in the
constellation Aquarius. At
my latitude, the Helix
virtually skirts the southern
horizon, and with the city of
Philadelphia looming large
in that direction, it is a most
difficult object to photograph.
Takahashi FSQ106
CFW8 with standard
 RGB filters plus
 Astrodon 6nm Ha


Ha:   15min x 20,  1x1
R:      10min x 5,   1x1
G:      10min x 5,   1x1
B:      10min x 11, 1x1

Processed with CCDsoft,
Registar, Neat Image,
and Adobe Photoshop
 NGC 7293 -- The Helix Nebula
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