Takahashi FSQ106
CFW8 with standard
     RGB filters plus
  Astrodon 6nm Ha
Ha= 10min x 35, 1x1
R=   10min x 14, 1x1
G=   10min x 9, 1x1
B=   10min x 12, 1x1

Processed with
CCDsoft, Registar, Neat
Image, and Adobe PS
The Crescent Nebula is
a planetary nebula -- a
shell of glowing gas
ejected by a dying star.
See the
Ring Nebula  
for  comparison.  The
central star supplying
the energy to the
Crescent Nebula is
known as a Wolf-Rayet
star. The Crescent is
located in the
constellation of Cygnus,
the swan, about 5000
lightyears away.
              NGC 6888
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