Takahashi FSQ 106 @ f/5
CFW8 with standard RGB
 plus Astrodon 6nm Ha


Ha = 15 min x 50, 1x1
R   = 10 min x   9, 1x1
G   = 10 min x   9, 1x1
B   =  10 min x  9,  1x1

Processed with CCDsoft,
Registar, Neat Image,
and Adobe PS
The Pelican Nebula,
aka NGC 5070, is
located in the
constellation Cygnus,
about 2000 lightyears
away, and just adjacent
to another larger star
forming region of our
Milky Way known as
the North American
Nebula. Within the
Pelican is a smaller
region that resembles
an elephant's trunk --
can you see it?
  NGC 5070 -- The Pelican Nebula
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