Located on the celestial
equator in the "head" of Leo,
The Lion, this impressive
galaxy is both large and bright
and could have been easily
seen by Messier.

The galaxy is surrounded by
bubble-like shells that
probably consist of stars from
nearby galaxies that merged
with 3521 in the distant past.

NGC 3521 lies 30 million light
years distant. This field of view
is 14x21 arcminutes.
16" RCOS @ f/11.3
Planewave 200 HR
Apogee U9 imager
SBIG 402 guider
Astrodon Series I LRGB


L=  30min x 90, 1x1
R=  15 min x 80, 1x1
G=  15min x 44, 1x1
B=  15 min x 48, 1x1
(88 hours total imaging!)

Data acquired at

Processed with CCD
Inspector, PixInsight,
Neat Image, and Adobe
             NGC 3521 in Leo
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