The Heart Nebula is located
in Cassiopeia, and is yet
another fine example of an
emission nebula. The bright
upper portion to the right
bears the designation IC
1795, and the brightest
portion within 1795 per se is
separately catalogued as IC
896. This image was
originally completed in 2007.

2015 update:

The companion nebula, IC
1848, resembles a
developing fetus, and
together with 1805 are
termed the "Heart and Soul

HERE to see the
Heart and Soul Mosaic!

Takahashi FSQ106
Astrodon RGB + Ha


Ha = 20 min x 30
R =   20 min x   8
G =   20 min x   4
B =   20 min x   4

Processed with CCDsoft,
Registar, Neat Image, and
Adobe PS
IC 1805 -- the Heart Nebula
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